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Interview mit Aversion
Autor: Tanni

Interview mit Aversion

Am Wochenende konntet ihr Aversion auf der Blue Stage beim Defqon.1 Festival sehen und natürlich auch seinen Nummer 1 Hit „Activation“ hören. Zuvor nahm er sich noch Zeit für ein kleines Interview mit uns, welches ihr heute hier bei uns lesen könnt.

Im Jahr 2017 veröffentlichte Robin aka Aversion seinen ersten Track „Consequences“. Seit dem folgten viele weitere Tracks und Collabs wie zum Beispiel „Valhalla“ mit Imperatorz. Am 01. Juni erschien sein aktueller Hit „Activation“, welcher seit drei Wochen an der Spitze der Top 40 steht. Im Interview hat Robin uns mehr über den Track verraten.

Hi Robin, thanks for the interview! While we’re having this interview, your track “Activation” is the number one track in the Hardstyle Top 40 at Congratulations! How does it feel?

Incredible! Ever since I started out it has been a big goal to reach that glorious #1 spot and I’m grateful to have reached it 😊

What can you tell us about “Activation”? Is there a special meaning or story behind it?

I made Activation when I was under a lot of pressure. It was actually the night before Shockerz haha! I really wanted to create a hard-hitting track with a ton of energy and thus, ‘’Activation’’ was born!

Together with Adjuzt and Mutilator you played on the mainstage at Intents Festival a few days ago. How was it for you?

Unreal, words will never be able to describe the sheer euphoria of having our dream come true in such a spectacular fashion. I wish I could though haha!

You’ve already had a lot of collabs, for example with Imperatorz, Cryex and Thyron. With which artist would you like to collaborate in the future?  

I’m a big fan of almost everything Hard-Dance! I still have so many collabs on my wish list, but if I could choose right now it would probably be Rebelion or Vertile. Those guys are absolutely smashing it!

What comes next? Do you have plans for the summer?

Too many to name! So many dope collaborations, live shows and other things to come! I hope to see you all soon!