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Interview mit Collusion
Autor: Tanni

Interview mit Collusion

Max und Tchad aka Collusion veröffentlichen seit 2021 ihre Musik und hatten seitdem mehrere Releases auf Break The Rules Records, Savage Squad Recordings und End Of Line Recordings. Ihr aktueller Track „Night City 2.0“ erschien am 28.09.2023 auf Theracords. In unserem Interview hat uns das Duo mehr über sich und den Track erzählt.

Hi guys, thanks for the interview! Please introduce yourselves. Who are you and where are you from?

Hey there! Thanks for the invitation! We are Max (25) and Tchad (26) from Grave, the Netherlands. A small town near Nijmegen. Besides making music we also share the passion of visiting festivals. We have been visiting festivals since 2014/2015 and have been making our own music since 2019/2020.


Describe your music style in one sentence.

Dark and glitchy.. With lots of hard gated kicks, drive and storytelling!


When and how did you meet each other?

We have known each other our whole lives since we used to be neighbors when we were younger. We started playing together at the age of 4 or 5 years old! Since then, we have always been friends! At the age of 15 we both started listening to raw hardstyle and it became a passion for us and we started making music together.


What was the reason for you to start producing Hardstyle?

Since we have been visiting festivals, there was always this curiosity to experience what it would be like to stand on the other side of the DJ booth. The idea of entertaining people with your own music was a dream! We started making mixtapes just for fun in FL studio. We also started making mashups from popular raw hardstyle tracks. The interest to learn became more and more. We decided we would release a track one day if the quality was right and if we had our own sound. Then we would let the world know who Collusion is. So came our first release in 2021, Night City!


Which artists inspire you?

If we had to make a top 3, it would be Radical Redemption, Delete and Warface!


A few weeks ago you played at Decibel Outdoor. How was it for you?

To be honest, we are still speechless. This was our sickest booking to date! It was the first time we played for a packed out stage. The vibe and the energy of the crowd was nuts. People screaming along with your songs just gives you chills haha. We also put a lot of effort in this set. Lots of hours in the studio to finish all the new music. It was all worth it!

On the 28th of September you’ve released your new track on Theracords. What can you tell us about it?

Well this track has a special place in our heart. We still think the vocals of Night City are the sickest vocals we’ve used. It is from the videogame Cyberpunk 2077. The vocals are recorded by Keanu Reeves, how sick is that! Because of this we thought Night City could use an upgrade. That’s how NIGHT CITY 2.0 started. We also wanted to do something different and unique with this track. That’s why we used a different genre in it, color bass. We combined this genre with our signature sound and recognizable sound design, hard gated kicks and some nasty, glitchy screeches. And there you go, NIGHT CITY 2.0!


What can we await from you in the next months? Do you already have finished new music?

Oh yes, we have lots of new music! Solo’s but also some very interesting collabs. We can’t say much, but there is still a lot of new music coming your way this year from us 😎


Let’s have a look into your future: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? What are your goals?

Good question! We actually ask each other this question every once in a while and also try to make goals for the next couple of months. In 5 years we hope to make Collusion our main and only job. Play at a lot of festivals, club shows and also abroad! We want to show the world the Collusion sound. We also want to collaborate with some big artists in the scene. Our dream would be to play on the big stages like Defqon.1, Intents Festival and Electric Love Festival!