Akumastylez mit "Akuma Matata" (Hardstyle)

Interview with Toneshifterz (English Version)


Hey Elie, thank you very much for spending some minutes! Short question at the beginning: do you know how many interviews you gave in the past?
Haha, umm well I’m not sure. I’ve done a far few.. I would say at least 60 interviews or so.
So, it is an honor to have you here! I hope it is okay for us to pester you with some questions!;) Well, a few years ago, there were only a few online radio stations which enjoyed a high level of popularity. More and more, popular artists have been starting their own podcasts which makes things very hard for the radio stations! What do you think are the pro and cons for each? What would you prefer?
Well look I mean, when an artist wants to make a podcast/radio show, I think it’s due to the fact that they want to develop their own platform together with their own branding for their artist name/project and this is a great marketing tool for us producers. I personally prefer to listen to podcasts because you can listen to each artists unique style and choice of music which can expose you to different music. But I think that radio stations still play a big part in the exposure of music because first of all, a radio station can have a reputable name with certain number of followers, and this means a massive exposure, and this is a very credible asset, and secondly is the fact that there is no bias or as much “politics” when it comes to an artists musical choice of tracks on their podcast, I mean there is always going to be a bias, but radio stations big and small always seem happy to take fresh things on even if it may not be of benefit to them. Podcasts and radio are still separate things though I believe. I mean when your jogging it’s much easier to just put on a podcast while you exercise so I think at the end of the day, when it comes to listeners it comes down to convenience, and the selling point of the radioshow/podcast. 
In your opinion, where do you see online radio stations like HardBase.FM standing in five years? 
Well I’m no radio expert to be completely honest, haha. I would like to see you around of course! It’s just a general knowledge of the scene, but I mean it’s like any organization or business, things are always going to change and unless you keep up with the times and change and move with it, a business will start to suffer of course. This is an essential survival mechanism in music the music industry
Could you imagine to support radio stations - maybe us *smile* - with some guest mixes?
Haha, maybe I will make a few guest mixes for you ;)
Okay, let’s switch the topic…At 4th of November 2013 you announced the separation of Toneshifterz. Did you write the words of the announcement by yourself? (If yes) How hard was it for you to click the send button on Social Media? (If no) How hard was the decision for both of you? What were your emotions?
Well the statement was written by me and Olcay and to be completely honest it was a mutual agreement between us to just move forward separately. Yes the decision was hard because 5 years prior I had been performing with Olcay you know, so it felt like I lost a half of the project. But things are back to normal and better than ever for the both of us, I think it’s something we both needed, and I’ve had such a positive response to my new solo career. There are many projects which used to be duos and then became solos, it’s quite common especially among producers who start of producing for fun and then don’t think of the consequences of a partnership when things suddenly skyrocket and it’s no longer writing tracks in your bedroom, but touring the world. But all in all it was a hard decision and was hard at first like anything, but things are on fire now ;)
What did you feel at the first Toneshifterz‘ gig without your mate?
Well prior to the split me and Olcay we performing separately anyway so this wasn’t something new to us, due to me living in Australia, and Olcay living in Holland. I came back to Australia due to some health problems which is all taken care of btw, hehe.
In the past, you performed often b2b with some others, like at Hard Bass etc. Do you prefer to play solo on stage or do you think too many cooks spoil the broth?
I love to perform on my own because you can just be completely your self when you’re on stage, you have the space to do so and you’re not craming someone elses style if you get what I mean. But I really do enjoy performing with my good friends such as Brennan Heart, Code Black, and Outbreak because we have known each other for so long and we always share an amazing vibe from each other on stage.
Is there any difference between the European and Aussie crowd? How would you describe both?
Oh, definitely there is a BIG difference, Australian crowds are less spoilt. I can say then European crowds and they are more enthusiastic I think!
What was the most important thing in your carreer?
It’s hard to say because there is no one thing that is the most important thing if you get what I mean. I think for me the most important thing is to keep up with the sound and changes in the music today, because this is the only way to keep doing what I love doing alive. 
Is there any special moment you’d never forget? For example on stage or backstage etc.
My first mainstage performance and the Q-Dance presents Fusion Party in the Heineken music hall, we had just come fresh from Australia and where playing our first booking there in front of 5000 people.
What was the most impressive thing a fan did for you?
Well I have very blessed fans, but I have one fan in particular who has tattooed my lyrics to her body and she also surprises me with little gifts such as dog tags. It’s always a beautiful thing to see how your music makes people happy in that way. 
If you start a new audio project, what are the first steps you do?
There is no real rule, if I have a melody in my head I start with that, if not then maybe I’ll make a new kick drum and sound to work with. It’s all trial and error I guess! 
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get it from everywhere listening to classical music and byzantine music movie soundtracks, I love Hans Zimmer! But I mean my biggest inspiration is Michel Pollen, he is really my idol when it comes to inspiration because he I believe shaped what hardstyle is today.
Are there any days where you feel no motivation to stay in the studio or do you think appetite comes with eating?
Of course I think that like everything, sometimes it goes stale and you have no “taste” or motivation anymore because something doesn’t interest you or it’s just too much. This is very common with a lot of producers. I think taking a break is important to reset your mind and then coming back to it with fresh thoughts and ideas. Have to stay positive to move forward of course. 
What do you think about the battle between deadmau5 and Wildstylez? Would have been a nice battle at b2s‘ Knockout, mh?=)
I mean we all know the mouse’s publicity stuns, he is constantly pulling stuff like this to get people talking about him. I personally think that Wildstylez is an amazing producer and that everyone has to pull inspiration from somewhere and even Deadmau5’s “chords” track was inspired by something else because at the end of the day everything is a remix. It just isn’t right how deadmau5 disses hardstyle and claims to be able to write a track it in such a short amount of time. I mean the other way around, hardstyle producers have the technical ability to produce house very easily. I actually produce house for other producers myself and it’s not technically hard, I felt like recreating a deadmau5 track completely and sending it to him as a troll ;) but I just didn’t want to get involved in these battles!
Another topic: what do you do if you are not at the studio? Any hobbies? Doing any kind of sports?
I love games, Skyrim, World of warcraft, Call of duty, Battlefield, Assasins creed, Need for speed! Also love having good food especially Sushi! Meditation and sports not so into but I go to the gym quite often!
Last question: how do you make your kicks? - Hehe, no! Just kidding!!:) Real last one:  You are close to the 100k on Facebook, any plans for the next milestone?
Maybe a free release?;)
Hehe I think typing how to write a kick anyway wouldn’t do it justice! For 100k likes we are not sure just yet, I am working on this with my manager, will let you all know soon enough! ;)
Well, a lot of questions and a lot of good answers! We want to thank you so  for your time and thank you for give away secrets! Last but not least, we would like you to close this interview with some words for the radio station or the people out there.
Thank you giving me this interview, want to thank all my fans for supporting me always, I am really looking forward to coming back to Holland this June AND August ;). To play for you all and I hope to share with you all my new music and things in the next few months. Keep posted on my social media portals to keep informed and will speak soon! <3

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