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Interview with Pherato (English Version)


Ciao Simo and 
salut Thomas!

At first we want to thank both of you for taking time for this interview!

Well, I think for the most people out there, Pherato is a new name in the scene. So, could you tell us a little bit about you personally and the duo 'Pherato'?
Well thanks for asking! We are Thomas Ramdani & Simone Perna, a French/Italian duo consisting of 2 boys called ‘Pherato’, signed to Scantraxx recordz since a few months, ready to conquer the world with fresh music inspired by any genre out there. Simo started music in 2009 with Cubase 5 and had a few releases under the names « Atom » or « Black force » to name a few of them. I started a bit later with the same program actually under the name « Curvade ».
How did you meet each other? I mean, Simon you are living in Italy and Thomas you are living in France. I think there are some kilometers between... :p
That’s like one of the most common question we got by people haha.
Basically it began with Facebook. When one of the track from Simo came out a few years ago, I was so surprised by the potential of this track that I decided to contact him to know more about this. Afterwards we shared like on a daily basis our opinion on music and mainly « How the Hardstyle scene has to go ». We met for the first time then in Paris in January 2013 and 6 months later Simo asked me if I wanted to build a project with him. We began to have Skype discussions everyday and made our first EP together on Unite records called « Live your dream EP », 1 year later.
Any plans for the future about moving to France, Italy or maybe both to the Netherlands?
Indeed! We are planning everything right now to move over to The Netherlands in a few months to have a real start in our career, and to spread our shows all over the festivals/events. It’s a big step in our life but hey, we just need to do that.
Please tell us something about the way from the point you decided to produce music together to the point you signed at Scantraxx Records. Seems to be a long way, isn't it? ;)
From that moment when our project began in July 2013, it was like a goal to join the best hardstyle label in the world, Scantraxx recordz. Our hardstyle idols are coming from there (Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez), and we always thought with no pretension that we could make something with music.
So, you worked your ass off, mh? How would you describe your kind of sound? What's the diffence to others?
We definitely worked our asses off to reach this goal and the first step was to stop School and to focus on music. It was a hard decision mainly for our parents but we just couldn’t handle school anymore with the pressure.. But we made it fortunately!
We would describe our style by very dynamic and by the influence of many different genres of music from Pop to Reggae, Rock ’n Roll & so on..
The difference from the others is standing on the point that we do not consider as « Hardstyle artists » mainly but more like EDM one. We make Hardstyle of course, this is our favorit genre and what we live for, but we don’t want to be stocked in only 1 box. Aswell, you will see that in our upcoming gigs, we will be definitely the most dynamic Hardstyle act on the scene,  but we will not reveal everything now :), let’s keep the surprise.

Your 'Start Living EP' hits the download portals worldwide. What about next releases?
We are really happy about the reaction of our First EP released on Scantraxx Recordz. We got a lot of support from the Top names like Headhunterz, D-Block & S-Te-Fan and so on. The people definitely didn’t expect to see us joining Scantraxx because we made everything « in the shadow » to surprise the audience. We currently have so many tracks ready to release, and the next EP’s are coming soon. But aswell, one particular single with an American singer who already worked with « Yellow Claw ».
How much time do you spend at the studio a day - or night? ;)
Definitely every hours of the day. A normal day begin around 8:30-9:00 am until we are done! Pherato is a ‘Team work’, a thing that the people shouldn’t forget. We got our specific things to do on the act separately, until we will move to Holland together pretty soon.
If you start a new audio project, what are the first steps you do?
The first steps can be anything: A mid intro, a melody we got in heads, a vocal, the chords.. We do not plan how to make a song, but sometimes we like to listen some tunes in any kind of music and tell us « We have to make something like this. »
Where do you get your inspiration from?
As we already said, we take inspiration from any kind of music. Mainly EDM artists like Axwell x Ingrosso, Avicii, Alesso for Simone and more like Skrillex, Diplo, Dyro and so on for me. Beside that, our biggest inspiration on the side of the act would be Showtek. We just love what they are doing at the moment and glad for them their career is getting so big!
When we can see Pherato live on stage and where? Any plans?
More information about this in the future!
Hehe, okay! You gave us a view in your private and music life. It's interesting for our community to get to know some secrets about the private producers’ life. So, thank you for that! 
Let's talk about the scene:

Well, a few years ago, there were only a few online radio stations which enjoyed a high level of popularity. More and more, popular artists have been starting their own podcasts which makes things very hard for the radio stations! What do you think are the pro and cons for each? What would you prefer?

Defenitely both are great! It’s like some people doesn’t get the chance to visit festivals and indoor ones. Some radio stations could give the opportunity to live your « festival experience » at home! Online podcasts are great aswell for an artist to share his/her musical path to the audience and to spread some brand new music anytime! 
We are more on the « podcast side ».
What do you think about the future of radio stations? In your opinion, are there any chances to survive or will the people consume music only 'on demand' (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.)?
Radio stations were the first to share music everywhere. We think that this opinion will be shared between the purists and the newcomers who will directly join the « Soundcloud, Spotify hype ». The thing is that ‘Soundcloud ‘ for exemple is really easy to access and got a huge platform.
Do you visit any huge events where people can catch you for a beer?
For sure! We just came back from an awesome « ADE » week in Holland where we met many colleagues and people who love our music. We will definitely meet everyone in the future at the events we play and some must-go shows.
So, stolen enough of your time I think... ;) We want to thank you again so much for your time and wish you all the best for the future - personally and musically - and a good way with Scantraxx Records! Hope to speak again soon! ;)
Last but not least we would like you to close this interview with some word to the people out there.
Thank you for asking this Interview! 

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