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Interview with DVBBS (Original English version)

Hi Chris, hi Alex! First I’d like to thank you very much for your assistance to lead an interview with our radio projects. 2014 comes to an end in these days - an incredibly good year for both of you! If you rethink all your experiences throughout the last 365 days, what was the best one?

Choosing a single best moment out of all these incredible experiences we’ve had is really difficult! It was really awesome to premiere our track Gold Skies at Ultra Music Festival. It was awesome to play at both weekends of Tomorrowland and basically every other festival we did during the past year.

It has only been one year since “Tsunami“ hit the charts and catapulted you into the highest spheres of EDM-music. Tell us your secret about your persistent success.

It’s such a crazy thing that so much can happen in a year! I think our success is mostly because we just produced some really well-received tracks in a short amount of time you know. Obviously Tsunami but afterwards we did Gold Skies with Martin Garrix and Sander van Doorn and also Stampede with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, who by the way are all really awesome guys. We loved working with them.

You have been producing rock-music some time ago - as your hairstyles might  still suggest (sorry! ;-)). What was the trigger to switch to EDM?

There wasn't really a certain thing that triggered us per se, it’s just that the scene has been growing at such an explosive rate it was hard to go unnoticed. We both did go to raves before we started to dj so we weren’t complete strangers to the sound. So after a while we decided to take a shot at it and obviously that turned out to be a very good decision. Oh and we’ll keep the haircuts for sure!

For the first time ever your name appears in the DJMag Top100-Voting: How do you feel about being situated on place 20 from one moment to another?

The moment we got the news that we were at number 20 we went crazy! It’s so unbelievable because last year for example Martin Garrix entered at 40 and that was insane at the moment and now we enter at 20 so that makes us like 2 times better than him haha, just kidding of course. It’s just a really indescribable feeling but most of all it’s really really awesome!

You used to say it’d be your task to teach „raveology“ all over the world. Can you give us a short brief about what the typical raver has to offer?

We wouldn’t really want there to be a typical raver, a raver can be any sort of people. But I guess to have the best time at our shows you’d have to have a good amount of energy to keep up. And you have to be open to all sorts of people around you because if you’re not happy with the people around you you’re not going to have an amazing time. So there’s no ‘perfect raver’ but for us it’s all about having a good time and sharing it with the people that are with you, whether you know them or not.

Your latest track „Pyramids“ developed in collaboration with Dropgun and Sanjin, „We Were Young“ comes only from your pen. Where do the advantages and disadvantages in producing with several artists lie?

Well, this might sound weird but the disadvantages sort of become advantages while producing together. Maybe at first your vision’s are really different but then when you both play around with each other’s sound you get some awesome end results. It’s really important to look at your own work critically because if you don’t you just get caught up in your own stuff. You need someone to tell you if it sucks and while collaborating you’re basically doing that all the time, unless of course if you magically produce an amazing track straight away!

On your gigs you sometimes jump around as you were totally crazy. You do not only play your music, you also live it and I guess that also reaches your crowd. Where do you take that energy from?

Like you said earlier, we come from a rock background and as you’ll probably know those shows tend to be quite energetic as well. It’s a really cool thing for us to be able to use those rock aspects like grabbing the mic and jumping around at our shows we play today. We’ve been producing more and more tracks that have vocals on them so we’ll be doing it more and more too.

Do you, as you are brothers, have a certain role allocation when you’re on the road or in the studio?

Yeah we sort of know what our strengths are. Alex is mostly the guy who comes up with the melodies and then Chris is really good with the technical and rythmical stuff so we do work very well together in the studio. On tour it’s just one amazing rollercoaster of fun and we’re both good behind the decks as well as on the mic so while we’re performing it doesn't really matter who does what.

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Deorro, Tiesto and all the other EDM-freaks seem to often cross your pass anywhere in the world. Following your Facebook-posts those reunions tend to be quite funny…? ;-)

Yeah, the guys you mentioned are really cool, humble guys and I guess that’s also what made them so popular, it’s not just their music it’s their personalities too. We meet up everywhere in the world and go crazy at each others gigs which is just a really really cool privilege that we get to have as dj’s! We became really good friends and who wouldn’t want to travel the world with their close friends right?

If you were sent to a lonely island for the rest of your lives, which three things would you take?

We’d definitely have to take our dj-gear so we can tear the place up over there, even though there wouldn’t be a crowd… We’d bring some weed for us to relax and last but not least we’d bring a bed so we won’t have to sleep on the sand!

To your mind, the most beautiful woman in the world is…

Our mother of course!

Concerning funny stereotypes, you associate with Germany…


To conclude, please tell us something about your plans for the following year. Are there more singles, gigs of even an album to expect?

Yeah obviously we’re getting back in the studio. We’re writing and producing a lot of tracks so there’s definitely going to be some big releases this year. Concerning the gigs, it’s probably going to be as crazy as it is right now. I mean, we did 200+ shows last year so unless we play one every day it can’t get much more, we can go bigger though and we definitely want to do that!

Chris, Alex: Thanks again for your willingness to answer my questions! We all wish you guys all the best for your further career and the future!

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